Desert Dwelling

It’s time to just accept it. I live in the desert.

My anxiety level rises with the temperature. It’s mid May and we have already had several day with triple digit heat. I’m already dreading those July days of 115 degrees and higher.

We’ve been living here in Phoenix, Arizona for five years, and it seems like we keep dreaming about “when we’re getting out.” Well, I got promoted, and my job is making it harder to leave.

I recently asked a friend of mine why she loved living in the desert and she said, quotation mark it’s because it’s so perverse” I’ve also been thinking about Martin Heidegger’s building dwelling thinking essay. And I been wondering what it means to dwell in the desert ? I think it has something to do with loving that which is perverse: dry inhospitable , and is trying to kill you .

 I had another question how does one practice dwelling?


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